Animeapp For Android

Animeapp For Android

Animes are fun to watch as there are many Anime genre to suit with everyone’s taste. Thinking about Anime, next thing that comes to mind is Manga. Not everyone prefers to read Manga but it’s still a big part of Anime. (Duh! Basic stuff.)  Well, If you don’t know what Anime & Manga is, then sorry you are in wrong place. But if you are Anime fan like me then these little apps will come in handy to take you to the next level. All apps are available on Google playstore for free, so let’s get started with list of Anime Apps.

Anime Apps for Android 

Now one thing I wanted to clear first is that if you are looking for a Anime streaming app that chances are you won’t find any since there are copyright issues regarding that. But hey, If you know a working streaming app,feel free to drop it into comments!

ZingBox Manga

ZingBox Manga is one of the great app to read Manga both online and offline. Yeah,that’s right its offline too.The app let’s you select your favorite online Manga source and can search  your favorite manga title from another Manga source if not available on your proffered choice. ZingBox Manga lets you browse all mangas available in your desired genre & there is a update corner where you can see all latest updates in manga. The app also allows to download unlimited amount of manga(depends on your device’s storage though) for offline reading. So give it a try,the app is very lightweight.[p.s. recent update made app little buggy but it will be fixed soon!]

Manga Rock

Manga Rock is another cool app to read Manga.Manga Rock supports 7 different languages and has more than 20 popular Manga sources. The app provides various features for a pleasurable reading experience. The app also recommends you some hidden gems among mangas based on your reading preferences. You can also  personalize  Manga Rock according to your needs.Last but not least , Manga can be downloaded for offline reading. Manga Rock comes with many other features but I won’t bore you with lot of details.Manga Rock is available on both Android & iOS.

Anime Info

Anime info is a lightweight app that does what it’s name says. The app uses AniDB database which includes more than 8000 Anime titles. The app provides basic anime information and it’s description. You can also check  release dates of new episodes & other related information. It will save you from lot of frustation when weekly new episode of your favorite Anime gets delayed.

Anime & Manga Amino

Anime & Manga Amino is a social media app for all Anime lovers out there. You can find people from all over the world who shares same intrests as you. Discuss and chat with large community of Anime fans about your interests  & much more. To keep it simple,it’s social media just like Facebook but for only Anime fans. Just install the app and I gurantee, you will be hooked!

Anime Music

OST,Original soundtracks are something that makes Anime memorable. Anime Music app streams your favorite Anime OST for free. The App have all the OST of almost all Animes. You can search your favorite Anime from huge catalog and start listening to it in just one click. The app also gives you the option to save your favorite tracks into playlist. But sadly,this app requires internet as you can’t download & save tracks to your device. You will also encounter ads occasionally,but it’s not big of a issue.

Anime Lyrics

Yeah, you got a app for your favorite Anime OST,now what’s next? It would be the lyrics for songs.Anime Lyrics app provides you lyrics of the Anime songs.You can search song’s lyrics by either Anime name or Artist.App also provides you settings for personalization.

Anime Wallpapers HD

There are many wallpaper apps available in Google Play Store, But personally I like this app due to it’s neat UI. Off-course,it also have collection of beautiful HD wallpapers from different Animes. Just give it a go!


Everyone knows about Crunchyroll.If you don’t, it’s Anime streaming website. The App have few animes which you can freely watch on your device. Note that not all Animes are available. For that,you will have to buy premium membership.But you can still enjoy around 50 different Anime on app which is better than nothing. You can also watch drama if you are interested in it.


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